Digital transformation of a small fashion house: a PLM implementation

There is no doubt that technology has become somewhat an integral part of every business nowadays. Business owners are aware of all the changes the technology can bring. Now, they are more and more concerned about the pace at which they can transform their business. During the last decade, we have all had a chance to witness how fast digital technology has transformed the media and entertainment industries. But now, other industries are going through the same changes. Lately, the power and impact of the digital transformation of a small fashion house have stirred up quite a commotion.

The fashion industry has faced many challenges. For a lot of them, the resolution through the means of technology was unimaginable. But today, fashion houses are turning to technical tools such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in an attempt to better manage their operations and to respond in time to customer expectations. It’s hard to imagine that one piece of software can indeed increase business efficiency to such an extent.

An empty mall.
The process between the concept and the moment your products reach the market is a long one.

Here at Frontech EU, we can not only vouch for the increased business efficiency of PLM systems everywhere, but we can also provide you with a tailored solution for your needs. It goes without saying that we don’t offer just reliable footwear and apparel PLM solution! We are also providers of energy industry PLM software and have expanded our reach to many different industries. Schedule a consultation with our team and make sure your small fashion business reaps all the benefits of a good PLM solution.

The concept of digital transformation

According to many experts, we are currently witnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is characterized by the fusion of digital, biological, and physical worlds. It’s simply unimaginable to think of a world and business models without digital technologies. They have the power to radically improve important aspects of your business, with an emphasis on:

  • Customer relations and customer experience
  • Internal processes and operations
  • Value propositions and business models

And what has driven the need for these solutions in the fashion world is easy to see. Globalization, fierce competition, and consumer behavior trends have all urged both big and small fashion houses to turn to automation and PLM solutions. Simply put, unless you want to fall behind and remain ahead of your competition, a fashion or apparel product lifecycle management system should be a necessity.

Digital transformation of a small fashion house – the challenges

As you can imagine, implementing a new digital transformation strategy will not go without quite a few challenges. And the first problem is that as much as 90% of executives expect that digital transformation will make increasing strategic contributions to their companies. While there have been papers that list the challenges fashion businesses will face after PLM integration, the truth is that there isn’t a common recipe that will work for every company. There are simply too many variables involved when it comes to a company’s development of a digital transformation strategy. And all of them will decide which challenges a business will face.

A man pointing to a question mark.
It will be hard to predict which challenges your business will face during PLM integration.

Now, the good thing about the digital transformation of a small fashion house is the fact that the entire process is that much easier this way. How many challenges during the PLM integration any business will face surely depends on many things – but the size of the company is one of them. The smaller the business, the easier it will be to transform its operations. So if you are still pinning over the fact that your fashion house can’t be classified as big yet, don’t be! Here’s the reason why you should be grateful that’s the fact.

Of course, we here at Frontech EU don’t discriminate. Whether you own a big, medium-sized, or small fashion house, our PLM solutions will still be the thing you needed for the complete transformation of your business endeavors. Minimized errors and hundreds of hours saved – that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits to be gotten from our PLM solutions.

The human aspect in the digital transformation of a small fashion house

Ultimately, we seem to forget that technology, no matter how powerful it is, isn’t enough. There’s undeniably one other thing that will always take precedence – the human aspect. How smoothly the process of the digital transformation of big and small fashion houses will be, depends on the employees’ mindsets and attitudes. Luckily, more and more importance is now being given to this factor than it used to be the case before.

After all, when you think about it, it’s really the people who will make this transformation possible. Do you have unwilling employees who are afraid of this change? Then you will need to put in a lot more effort towards the making of your digital transformation strategy. And vice versa – willing employees will remove much of the stress associated with this project.

Employees talking about the digital transformation of a small fashion house.
If all of your employees are successful in surpassing their fear of change, you are on a good path to success.

What can we conclude?

With technology transforming basically every industry in the world, it’s safe to say that the fashion world isn’t far behind. While the integration of a PLM system can and will bring a plethora of benefits, one also has to expect a set of challenges. What those challenges will be is hard to say without examining your business proceedings. But one thing is for sure – you definitely want to get your employees on board. Their readiness can have a great impact when it comes to how quickly you manage to transform your operations.

The digital transformation of a small fashion house isn’t something you have to worry about. Not when you can schedule a consultation with Frontech Solutions EU and our team of experts. It will be our pleasure to help you integrate our PLM system. Not to mention solve all the challenges that come with it.

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