Things to know about the apparel PLM software

If you are an owner of a fashion apparel company, you are certainly aware of the competitiveness of the industry. You need a lot of funds and innovation just to keep your company from going bankrupt – not to mention how much you need in order to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to excel in what you do, then you ought to give using fashion apparel PLM software a thought.

In order to find out everything there is to know about some of the best PLM solutions on the European market, simply schedule a consultation with our team. Frontech Solutions EU is dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch PLM solutions in many industries, including footwear and apparel. One phone call solves the majority of your troubles.

How can the apparel PLM software help your business?

This software was designed with one purpose – to speed up the product development process for companies in the fashion industry. This fashion PLM software stores very valuable information, such as design sketches, comments, revisions, and all other pieces of information related to the stages between the concept and disposal. Any ideas, thoughts, and real-time data can be saved in PLM software, ready to be used when needed.

A stopwatch in a hand.
Speeding up the product development process will be one of the things you will like the most about PLM.

Having all this information at hand will help you speed up fashion product development which is one of the main goals for many business owners. That leads one to conclude that investing in a customized fashion PLM solution will be an investment that will become one of your smartest business moves.

What are the benefits of using this type of software?

We understand that knowing the purpose behind this software isn’t enough for you to decide to invest your hard-earned money in it. You need some facts that will back up any decision that you make. That means you need to know all about the benefits that an apparel PLM software will bring for your business.

Think of it like this – with a good PLM software, all parties that are involved in product development will be able to communicate and collaborate with one platform only. Everyone will have access to the same files and data which is a reason why you should adopt PLM solutions even if you are a small manufacturer. Not to mention how beneficial it will be if you are a big corporation. With a PLM software in place, you can expect to see:

  • Reduced number of errors
  • Minimized delays
  • Shorter development of a product
  • Easily manageable product innovation
  • Reduced time for a product to reach the market
Employees discussing an apparel PLM software.
With PLM, your employees in different departments will have better and easier communication.

As a business owner, you are always trying to improve your ventures and business operations. That’s the only sensible thing to do. And that’s why a fashion PLM solution will come in handy. Of course, you just need to know how to extract more business value from PLM software. And then wait to see how worthy of an investment PLM was.

A useful example

You now know what an apparel PLM software is supposed to do and which benefits you can expect to see. But be honest – can you actually imagine how all of this will translate into practice? How will the creation of a dress become simpler just because you have decided to use PLM software?

First of all, consider the fact that several teams or departments will be involved in product development. All of these teams need to have good communication if they are to create a high-quality product. That’s when PLM will come in handy – all the teams can communicate and collaborate no matter what their location is. That means that your manufacturers don’t have to be in the same city or even country as your designers. PLM knows no boundaries.

Moreover, everyone involved can access specifications, they can divide tasks and responsibilities among themselves, and they can decide on the next course of action. Once PLM cultivates good teamwork and communication, the entire product development process will become easier, quicker, and much more efficient.

A group of people fist-bumping.
Your team will make quick, well-informed, and rather good decisions. All because of an apparel PLM software.

That is exactly the purpose behind our PLM software. Frontech Solutions EU develops our footwear and apparel PLM software with the goal of making lifecycle product management an easy endeavor. If you have lately found your business to be in dire need of fewer mistakes and better workplace communication, feel free to get in touch with us! Our team will be glad to help with our tailored solutions.

Did you know that you can integrate PLM software with other business software solutions?

PLM works great with other business software solutions, such as ERP. This combination allows business owners to reuse information and give their company a more complete look into business endeavors. One manages information that is related to product development (PLM) and the other one manages production resources and finances (ERP). Since these two are complementary software, you can’t go wrong by deciding to use both of them. Quite the contrary – you can only gain a better and more complete insight into your business. And with better insight, you will be able to control every aspect – from finances to design and disposal.

Whether you have decided to use only the apparel PLM software or to integrate it with another software, feel free to contact Frontech Solutions EU. Our PLM solutions for the European market have demonstrated their worth time and time again. Once you schedule a consultation with our team, feel free to come up with all the questions and dilemmas about the process you may have. We will gladly answer all of your questions and help you choose the best solutions for your growing or already international business. Our team is at your complete disposal and ready to help your business reach its maximum capacity.

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