10 tips for managing your logistics efficiently

Large supply chain operations come with an almost insurmountable amount of challenges. So the larger your operation is, the more effective and elaborate your plan needs to be. As a business owner, managing your logistics efficiently should be one of your primary goals, albeit this is easier said than done. To help you put theory to practice, we here at Frontech Solutions EU have composed ten essential tips that will help you manage your supply chain with added ease.

10 important tips for easier supply chains

Being the head of a process as complicated as a global supply chain is never easy! Never mind if you are running the fashion company with the help of PLM solutions or managing some other type of business. But with our tips, managing your logistics will become a much easier endeavor, leaving you less stressed and more successful than ever.

Two people making a plan for managing your logistics efficiently.
It’s a well-known fact that a good plan goes a long way.

1. Managing your logistics efficiently is all about planning well ahead

We won’t go as far as to say that a solid plan can cover and predict all extenuating circumstances – that’s just impossible when dealing with a process as complicated as this one. But a good plan will keep unpredictable situations to a minimum. So sit down and make a good plan that will allow you to cover all parts of the transportation process and keep on the spot decisions to a minimum.

2. Create a plan B

What every good logistics manager knows is that, no matter how well-prepared you think you are, emergencies are bound to happen. That’s why you need to have back up plans for every element of your original plan. However, knowing when to stick to the original plan and when to switch to the backup is a practice that can only be done right with experience. So make sure you assess the situation well before deciding your original plan has gone down the drain.

3. Employ a logistics manager that has good interpersonal skills

The position of a logistics manager is an important and demanding one. Every once in a while, your logistics plans will go awry, causing chaos on multiple fronts. That’s when you will need a logistics manager who knows how to organize your employees, as well as look for solutions outside the company.  The person that will occupy this position needs to have a good network of contacts, and he/she needs to be a quick thinker.

Besides a reliable logistics manager, there’s one other thing that will help you manage your supply chain – customized PLM solutions. And when it comes to a stellar PLM software, you needn’t look further than Frontech Solutions EU. Our solutions will help you to always be on top of the supply chain – just like you ought to be.

4. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be more successful in managing your logistics efficiently in the future

One thing you should know is that mistakes are bound to happen! When they do, they can cost your company hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. So when mistakes do happen, don’t just disregard them. Sit down with your team and discuss what went wrong, how could it have been prevented, and the ways to stop it from happening in the future. That will help you become more successful in logistics management in the future.

A workplace discussion.
Mistakes need to be analyzed in order to be prevented.

5. Automate your business whenever possible

These days, the potentials of an automated business are immense. So whether you are thinking about automating your fashion business or your transportation operations, you need to realize one thing – investing in automation systems will result in easier logistics managing. These systems can help you track and monitor each delivery, taking any guesswork out of the process.

If you are thinking about investing in the automation of your business, feel free to schedule a consultation with our team. Our tailored PLM solutions will help you keep track of every part of your business, making logistics and planning a much easier venture.

6. Invest in the training of your employees

The organization of your entire team is directly responsible for business growth and success. Everyone from the warehouse manager to your delivery guys should be in perfect synergy. That’s why you need to make sure your employees attend regular workshops that will keep all of them up to date with the latest trends in logistics. This investment will improve efficiency, resulting in satisfied clients and business partners.

7. Logistics management and warehouse management go hand in hand

Warehouse operations are an integral part of logistics management. This is where a lot of waste happens if the warehouse isn’t managed correctly. Different goods should be stored according to different specifications in relation to their nature. That’s why you need good warehouse management to not only reduce waste but also maximize your storage space. Rest assured that managing your logistics efficiently will be much easier if you don’t have to worry about your goods being ruined or mistreated while in the warehouse.

Industrial warehouse.
Think of your warehouse and its organization is a very important part of your logistics operations.

8. Take a closer look at your transportation department

It’s the transportation department that holds immense power when it comes to the entire process. A thorough analysis of it can decrease costs while the operations can be revamped resulting in faster delivery. Sure, the best thing to do is use PLM solutions for transportation, logistics and distribution. Besides that, if you are working hard on improving your logistics operations, we suggest you take a closer look at your delivery routes. Choose the shortest yet safest way and try to opt for cost-effective packaging. You are bound to see results soon enough!

9. Measure the productivity of your operations

How do you expect to improve the productivity of your future logistics unless you measure the existing operations? Collect and measure productivity metrics for all departments and then analyze the situation. After a careful analysis, you will be able to construct informative feedback and you will gain valuable insight into what departments need alteration and which ones are already functioning without a fault.

10. Consider incentives as an additional motivation

Have you analyzed your staff and realized that 30% of your employees work harder than the rest? Are you paying them the same? If you are, here is your chance to correct the error of your ways and provide incentives for your most valuables employees. Managing your logistics efficiently isn’t a one-person job. Quite the contrary – it’s a process that depends on the entire team. So make sure the ones who working extra hard get the credit they deserve!

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