Reasons to modernize your business processes with PLM

The key to running a successful business is constant improvement. You have to keep up with the needs of the market, the wants of your clients and the possibilities of your manufacturing. But perhaps more than anything, you need to keep up with the times. Things are constantly changing in the modern world. In order to survive as a business, you must also change. And that is why the time has come for you to modernize your business processes with PLM! But why is PLM the right solution for you? We’re so glad you asked because Frontech Solutions EU has compiled a list of reasons to choose PLM as the tool that takes you further in the upcoming decade.

Business processes and PLM: what are they and how are they connected?

A business process is a series of activities or tasks which, once completed, lead to accomplishing a goal of your business. Be that the creation of a physical product or the delivery of a service. Quite simple, right? Every business has processes it relies on. If you, for example, own a clothing company, every action performed by your employees and equipment which ultimately leads to your customers buying your items of clothing is a part of your business process. From the designer drawing up a new dress to the sewing machines producing it to the truck drivers distributing it to stores all over the country, all of this is a part of your business process.

Colorful arrows back to back.
A business process is a compilation of tasks.

PLM or Product Lifecycle Management is the process for managing the creation, production, and distribution of a product or service from start to finish. This usually happens through software that connects the different departments working on a product, contains all the information about it and makes it easier to keep track of the work being done. If you’re looking for PLM solutions for footwear and apparel, for example, you’ll be getting a system that connects everyone from the designer to the store that sells their clothes in a way that encourages good collaboration and improves end results.

How does PLM relate to business processes?

The management of business processes is an essential part of PLM. Although PLM originated in vehicle production, it is no longer limited to such concrete manufacturing processes. PLM solutions for the service industry, PLM solutions for transportation and other branches that deal with services rather than products are not uncommon. So it’s clear that PLM software and systems have extended to the management of all kinds of business processes. Regardless of what kind of business you run, PLM can, therefore, be a good way to modernize it.

Why should you modernize your business processes with PLM?

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. So you may well be wondering if it is a good idea to modernize your business processes with PLM. After all, there are other options to consider. So how does PLM compare? What are the major benefits of modernization through PLM? What do you gain by choosing to modernize your business processes with PLM specifically?

Increase productivity

One of the main goals of all PLM solutions is to increase productivity. This is especially evident with PLM solutions for industrial manufacturing, where efficiently creating a large number of products with consistent quality is the main goal. But this isn’t the only place where PLM software can save you time and effort. The implementation of a PLM solution that connects all departments and processes into a single software may reveal that:

  • some of your processes are repetitive
  • some of your processes take a lot of time
  • you don’t need all the tasks you currently do
  • you need other tasks instead of the ones you’re performing at the moment
Manufacturing factory.
Increase your productivity with PLM solutions.

One of the main reasons why PLM solutions help with productivity by revealing problems in existing systems is because they compile all relevant information together and thus ease communication and collaboration between different departments. A department may, for example, repeat a process unnecessarily if they’re unaware someone has already done it. Or a process may take too long because people are unable to find the information they need. Miscommunication and difficulty accessing information are very common issues in business processes, especially those with many steps. PLM solutions will do away with those.

Decrease risks

Miscommunication and lack of information don’t just affect productivity. In many cases, having the right information about a product, a goal or a process itself is crucial to completing it successfully. You will only maintain quality consistently if everyone participating in the process has the same information about what they should be doing. This is also where PLM solutions help! With all the information in one place, updated in real-time and accessible to everyone, PLM software decreases risks of errors. This is especially relevant in industries like energy service and supply, where even the smallest mistake can spell disaster.

Decrease costs

Running a business is not cheap. Especially when you’re just starting out, you will need quite a bit of money. So anything that saves money is good, right? And if you modernize your business with PLM, you can easily decrease the costs of running it! PLM’s holistic view will provide you with a better understanding of the entire process that goes into the creation of your product or service. This will make it easier for you to see where you’re losing money and where you’re most cost-effective. It will prevent repetition, over- or under-performing of tasks and help you see the least expensive way from point A to point B.

To-do list.
With PLM software, you’ll know exactly what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you still need to do.

Improve existing processes

There’s a reason you’re looking to modernize your business with PLM – something needs improvement. If you accept this and don’t stubbornly hold onto the processes you currently have, you can easily improve your business process through PLM. For one, you will be able to see the issues with your processes once they are laid out clearly in the software you use. For another, many PLM softwares suggest improvements and solutions that you can use. Finally, you can always talk to your PLM software provider and ask for advice. Just don’t be afraid of the change!

Make process management more efficient

PLM is a great way to make your process management more efficient. With it, you won’t have to look at individual tasks and processes, learn them inside out, remember them, and compare them all by yourself. Instead, you will have a more comprehensive real-time overview of everything that’s happening through PLM software. This will make it easier to see what needs improvement, which areas of the process you need to focus on more and what is working as it should.

How can you modernize your business processes with PLM?

So how do you get from looking for a PLM solution to implementing it successfully? There are three major steps to this! You must first determine your goals. Then, you should find the right PLM software and vendor. Don’t be afraid to experiment either. Testing and evaluation of different options are necessary steps. Finally, you must implement the software and follow through afterward. This is very important if you truly want to modernize your business with PLM. Unless everyone is using the new system, it won’t be very effective! So talk to your employees and partners, train them and win them over with the benefits.

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