PLM and 4.0 Industrial revolution

Look around and you’ll find it hard to miss – the world is currently going through a remarkable transformation that has a lot to do with the manner in which the products are manufactured. The change we refer to is in fact so paramount it has been named Industry 4.0. The name itself is there to represent the current age as the fourth industrial revolution of manufacturing. The first one was set in motion by the steam and water mechanization, which streamed towards using electricity for mass production and eventually turned to computers. The combination of PLM and 4.0 Industrial revolution simply perpetuates this flow, enhancing automation by using smart, data-supported systems, much like the one Frontech can offer.


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We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution as we speak. As a business relying on product development, you need to be ready to face it.

Where does the use of professional PLM solutions fit in here? How can businesses today experience the real benefit of intertwining these two notions? Getting important insights from experts proficient in this area can help both your company, yourself, and other department heads. With this data, you can find the best way to successfully merge PLM and 4.0 industrial revolution, while consequently avoiding to fall behind. The final result, obviously, is the overall advancement of your product development process, and operational cost reduction, in spite of the fierce present-day competition.

How can Product Lifecycle Management upgrade your production process?

To understand how these two ideas can be implemented in the manufacturing efforts of your company, it is necessary to fully grasp their meaning. If asked to explain the concept of PLM, the expert definition would go somewhere between these lines: 

  • “It is the capacity to efficiently manage the digital product model throughout its lifecycle. From its development to the customer experience.” 

Product lifecycle management offers more than the mere data model. It includes logistics behind electronics and embedded software programs. Companies such as Frontech Solutions EU work on optimizing the entire process of using PLM solutions for the personal use of anyone included in the production process.

If your ultimate goal is to be able to present a smart and modern product that can successfully compete in the 4.0 Industrial revolution market, PLM is a rudimental condition

  1. Maximum efficiency. 
  2. Coherence. 
  3. Productivity.

These three principles present the pillars of Frontech PLM software solutions. By putting a combination of PLM and 4.0 Industrial revolution into practice, we will enable you to break new grounds when it comes to your product development reach and company scaling.


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PLM offers all the right solutions for companies facing the 4.0 Industrial revolution

Identify your own opportunities between PLM and 4.0 Industrial revolution

Efficiency is an essential concept of the contemporary world of business and industrial manufacturing. Think TIME and think MONEY. Investing in PLM is among the most efficient ways for you to save both of these precious assets. 

The immense volume of information regarding every part of a production process is too much for a human to handle in a reasonable timeframe. You unknowingly waste both time and valuable resources. On the other hand, PLM solutions implemented in the age of 4.0 Industrial revolution offers you, a manufacturer, a chance to optimize your operations by having an immediate insight into what needs your utmost attention

The direct benefits of Product Lifecycle Management in today’s industrial world:

  • Shorter market time. Centralizing your control over information means your product development gets completed in a shorter time frame. This is PLM’s way of making your product as competitive as possible.
  • Avoiding compliance risks. In the world that is shifting towards the 4.0 Industrial revolution, you need to be able to have access to a single version of truth for all product data. This serves to alleviate compliance risks.
  • Decreasing costs while increasing productivity. Reducing material and production costs is one of the main advantages brought to your business through the aid of Frontech Solutions EU. Our PLM positions itself as the single source of authority which results in a decrease in prototyping and scrap costs. On the other hand, eradicating time-consuming activities is a PLM business benefit that should not and can not go unnoticed. Error processing and rework will be a thing of the past once you turn to PLM and the 4.0 Industrial revolution fully takes in your line of work.
  • Product quality enhancement. As a manufacturer, using PLM enables you to implement every procedure to ensure your product quality and your customers’ satisfaction. Nowadays, it is quite common for teams of a single business to be spread across several locations. Product lifecycle management is used to ensure the quality of your services or product is never compromised by conditions such as these. 

Can your business survive this revolution without the added support of PLM solutions?

Yes. However, merely surviving is not what you should be after. Running a successful business must go beyond keeping yourself afloat. Your plans need to get bigger. You need to commit to perfecting your production efforts. And in order to have actual results from being committed to your company’s success, implementing PLM solutions is the way to go.  

Whether your business is large or small, finding support and suitable options to make the best fusion of PLM and 4.0 Industrial revolution can be just around the corner. There is no reason to let your work be overpowered – not when there are companies such as Frontech out there. Today’s industrial requirements can be met full-on – so long as you have the right partner by your side, and we can be that partner!


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Partnering up with reliable experts who are well-versed in PLM solutions and its implementation can help your business thrive

Take your time and choose a company that will help you thrive. Implementing PLM is not something that can be accomplished without paying special attention to the actual needs of particular clients. Opting for reliable experts who know how to properly implement PLM means not taking any chances. Your work needs to be able to respond to the current market’s demands. Big businesses need to be able to make the big steps forward, and one of those steps comes in the form of PLM and 4.0 Industrial revolution.

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