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In order to deliver products more efficiently, and have scalable processes, it's essential to have full insight into the product lifecycle and the right tools to manage it.

With the guidance of fashion PLM software by Frontech, you will make your fashion brand stand out.

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Success Stories

Working with industry giants like DC Shoes and Quicksilver has taught us a lot about what exactly a PLM software should do. The knowledge base we have built for over a decade, by helping them manage their businesses, led us to understand every aspect of the fashion brand-making process.

The extensive experience in working with acclaimed brands helps us recognize and solve every particular challenge. From how to reduce the time to market to how to manage suppliers globally and help retailers quickly adapt to changes and stay on-trend.

We can deliver unique PLM solutions that will help your company by:

  • Assisting you to remove the obstacles from your way
  • Guiding you to structure your business operations correctly
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Results of implementing PLM for footwear and apparel solutions- Quicksilver Case Study

  • Transparency of work-flow data across the entire international organization
  • Increased collaboration among all divisions in the supply chain
  • Visualization and control of all costs from top to bottom
  • Increased sustainability and accountability throughout the whole company
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Accelerate your fashion product lifecycle management with our PLM solutions

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Areas for process improvement

In order to make your company's results get better, you should try to avoid mistakes due to untimely planning and inaccurate forecasting. Using proper data management skills makes it possible to reach a high level of functionality and save time.

Footwear and apparel production usually face common challenges:

  • Slow information flow and decision-making process
  • Limited insight into the procedures
  • Ability to quickly maneuver data and make changes

With the help of customized PLM solutions, you can make an agile impact on these elements, and decrease the time you need to market your product. Your improved approach to challenges will lead to better outcomes.

The ways PLM software will help your business

The fashion retail business faces a lot of variables every season. Understanding the challenges and having the proper support to handle them will put your company in a prominent position. With the guidance of PLM solutions, your executives will have the opportunity to foresee threats and predict with higher success. Forecasting events accurately will help you plan and organize every step of your business strategy.

You can win the race on the market with smart planning and timely organization.

With the help of our experts who will customize the software to accommodate your company's unique challenges, you will:

  • stopwatch Accelerate your workflow
  • check list Plan smarter
  • settings Streamline your seasonal decision process
  • speech-bubble Communicate more efficiently with all stakeholders
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The FAN PLM software was built in Adobe ColdFusion. This is a dynamic, the most robust, and relied-upon technology in the world. More than 75% of Fortune 100 companies rely on it to manage business easier because it's fast and it doesn’t break down.

Accelerate your fashion product lifecycle management with our PLM solutions

PLM Solutions Team

Features and transparency for everyone in your company

It is important not only for every member of the chain of command to have insights into past, current, and future events in the company. Every department in the company should know what they are getting by using our PLM solutions. From Executives and Enterprise Planners, Merchandising and Costing, Designers, Developers, and Tech Groups, everyone will get benefits and tangible results from using PLM software.

The PLM solutions will help you keep track of the comprehensive product lifecycle and see daily operations with unprecedented clarity. You will be able to streamline the process not only internally, but also for your factories, agents and suppliers. Executives will be given the right tools to see real-time metrics, which will bring transparency to your entire product development process.

Accelerate your fashion product lifecycle management with our PLM solutions

Keep improving your brand visibility and process efficiency with the help of our PLM software experts

If you wish to have answers even before you ask questions, rely on our PLM solutions for retail, footwear, and apparel. You will have the opportunity to gain better control of your business operations and save time and money. Deliver products more efficiently and stay above competitors with expert guidance. Get in touch with our Frontech team for more information and a comprehensive guide through PLM software for the fashion industry.

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