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Decrease costs and increase productivity

Whether your industrial manufacturing includes machines and equipment, textiles, whole foods, chemicals, or any other type of product - if you wish to decrease costs and increase your productivity, you should make sure you optimize your operations.

Solve even the most complex business challenges

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Fabrication, processing, and preparation of products from raw materials and commodities is a complex endeavor to take on. In order to make your business flow synchronized, you should take proper steps. To avoid all unnecessary complications, delays, and material and resource shortages, all you have to do is get the best PLM solution for your specific situation.

With the help of our software, your company will have the opportunity to reach four important goals:

Workflow acceleration

Seasonal decision streamlining

Smarter planning and better organization

Efficient communication between relevant internal and external parties

The PLM software will integrate all data, processes, systems, as well as people across your enterprise and point you in the right decision-making direction.


Success Story

CanTorque is a leading Canadian company in quality design, manufacturing, and fabrication of bolting tools, sockets, pumps and calibration equipment. With the help of PLM solutions for industrial manufacturing, they are able to efficiently run their production and come up with unique solutions to perfectly fit customer’s needs. No matter the scale of the bolting project CanTorque can provide products and accurate & fast services:

  • Tool Rental and Leasing
  • Torque Wrench Calibration
  • Tool Repair and Maintenance
  • Custom Tool Engineering

Accelerate your industrial product lifecycle management with our PLM software

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Stay on top of the competition

We understand that every company has its own know-how and the way of doing business - both on a daily basis or through seasons. By using a unique approach to fit your exact industrial manufacturing business needs, we will make customized software solutions. Staying on top of the competition will be possible with the leverage you will get from our PLM software.

Save time and increase your sale with the right PLM software

Knowing what common business challenges affect your company's plans and predictions, the PLM system will improve the accuracy of your forecasting.

With our software, you will be able to reduce the usual challenges to a minimum. You will raise the quality of your products, costs will decline, and the time-to-market reduction will be noticeable.

PLM system brings multiple features to your company

It's easy to grasp numerous benefits of PLM solutions knowing the scope of day-to-day operations it can assist you with:

  • Supply chain management
  • Landing cost prediction and calculation
  • Inventory and product management (catalogs, listing, QR codes)
  • Tracking your workflow (invoices, working orders, leads)
  • Reporting on one click with custom filters

The ways PLM software will help your business

You will place your business in an optimal condition to achieve the goals with the assistance of our software solutions. Industrial manufacturing PLM will help you manage the entire lifecycle of your company's products. From the initial concept through design engineering and production - to, of course, service and disposal.

Contact our Frontech experts and let us put you in a position to improve profit margins with ease and without unnecessary costs in human resources and assets.

Accelerate your industrial product lifecycle management with our PLM software

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