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SWISS IPG PARTNERS GROUP is an international management consultancy agency that is led by “Innovation - Performance and Growth” philosophy. They create value through a comprehensive approach to the exponential business transformation.

The trademark of their work is exclusive access to innovative smart management solutions by their global innovative leaders' network. They offer smart management solutions in:

Footwear Solution Team
  • Digital Transformation
  • Growth and Business Model Innovation
  • Innovation and Product Development
  • M&A/ Post Merger Integration
  • Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Manufacturing and Lean Exellence
  • Procurement
  • Restructuring
  • Value Chain and Supply Chain Management

Frontech Racing Solutions

Get to know our Frontech Racing Solution

Founded to support our Boris Djordjevic and his personal affection towards rallying, Frontech Racing has become a wholesome business on its own. As such, it provides a wide scope of rally team services:

  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Event Logistics & Servicing and
  • Rally Car Rental Opportunities
Boris Djordjevic

Boris Djordjevic
founder and CEO

To maximize the competitiveness and reliability of your race car, we will use premium motorsport engineering services. By developing technologies, systems & different components, and by actively racing cars, we have gained valuable and extensive experience. In cooperation with our business partners, we can apply all that to your specific situation and needs.

Racing Solutions

What falls under the full-service Frontech Racing solutions

  • Engineering software and design expertise
  • Engine control and data acquisition (design and control of the electrical system, wiring harness, control units, sensors and actuators, installation and configuration of devices, calibration of engine and transmission control systems)
  • Planning and managing/execution of any targeted chassis development program
  • Reviewing the engine, transmission and chassis parameters
  • Driving a race car at our frozen lake Rally venue with World Relly Champion Martin Rowe, to improve your driving technique
  • Working on the car set up, learning more about the vehicle and getting coaching by race car driving experts
  • Co-driver training and writing pace notes

Vast sponsorship opportunities

Join our team of sponsors and get the best possible return on your investment. You will increase your brand visibility globally with TV coverage and through social media. Get in touch with our Frontech Racing Solutions and become a part of our successful racing family.

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